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What is the Virtues Project




What is The Virtues Project?

The Virtues Project is an initiative, which began in 1991 to empower individuals and families to live by their deepest values. It was inspired by the desire to do something to counteract the rising violence in and around families. Education is the key to transformation, but it must involve education, which touches the human spirit. The Virtues Project offers an approach which calls people to remembrance of the virtues, the qualities of character and the simple elements of spirituality honored by all cultures and sacred traditions. However, it does not promote the practices or the beliefs of any particular religion. It’s grounded in the simple wisdom of many world religions, all of which describe the human virtues as the highest aspiration for humanity.

Virtues are more basic than values. All cultures honour virtues such as courage, love, honesty, loyalty, excellence and service, yet they apply them differently according to their own diverse value systems. The strategies of The Virtues Project help us all to remember who we really are.

The five basic strategies:

   Speak the Language of the Virtues -

Empower those behaviours you want to see in your children - compassion, respect, honesty, and assertiveness...

  Recognise Teachable Moments -

View life as opportunities for learning rather than crisis or problems to overcome.

>   Set Clear Boundaries -

Change power struggles and violent behaviour into cooperation and harmony.

  Honour the Spirit -

Help your children (and yourself) to find meaning and purpose, learn ways to encourage reverence or reflection and to honour the mystical side of life.

 Offer the Art of Spiritual Companioning -

A skill used in families at times of grief or celebration and used to help children and adults to make moral choices. It’s about being deeply present, and drawing out a person’s own truth.