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Virtues Project New Zealand

 What is Virtues Project New Zealand?

Virtues Project New Zealand is a registered non-profit charitable trust that seeks to promote The Virtues Project and to support the efforts of those who wish to use The Virtues Project in their professions or in their personal lives. Members of the Virtues Project NZ are currently a diverse group of people representing several different religions, ethnicities, and professional backgrounds. All have taken Virtues training and live in the Wellington and Christchurch regions.

Kay Miller
Lynne Klap
Radha Sahar
Beth Lew
Joy Maehe

Ellen Ramer
Paddy Payne

Goals of Virtues Project New Zealand

To inspire use of the Virtues in New Zealand at individual and community levels.

What does Virtues Project New Zealand do?


Virtues Project NZ seeks to promote The Virtues Project through personal contact, formal and informal presentations and workshops as well as the use of the media, in order to make The Virtues Project known and used throughout New Zealand.  Contact us for presentations in your area.  Also for a 10-day preview of The Virtues Project Educator’s Guide or the ‘Virtues In Me’ CD and activity book, please contact UCA or


Virtues Project NZ offers support by providing:

  •  Advice and sharing experiences

  •  Quarterly Newsletter

  •  On-going professional development opportunities

    • Facilitator Skills workshops,

    • The Virtues Action Learning programme

    • Videos of The Virtues Project Parenting Series and Youth Series

Development of supporting materials

  •   File of Virtues-related children’s literature

  •   Music and tapes useful for working with Virtues in specific groups, i.e. workshops, self-esteem and healing, children and youth

  •   Bilingual Virtues Poster

  •   Bilingual Virtues stories and music


Virtues Project NZ can put you in touch with over 12 Virtues Connections in New Zealand and show you how to set up your own Virtues Connection in your locality. We can also connect you with others in your field of interest that are using The Virtues Project in their work. Virtues Project NZ can also advise people about Virtues Project workshops happening in your area as well as further training opportunities.

What are Virtues Connections?

Virtues Connections are support groups that meet to help promote The Virtues Project and provide practice and encouragement in using the strategies of The Virtues Project. The Connection can remain informal, meeting periodically to practice the strategies of the Virtues Project or they can create a more formal structure often focusing on promoting workshops and applying for funding for workshops, advertising, or materials.