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Virtues Project - Development Steps





This outlines the personal development options available to people involved in the Virtues Project.


It has been developed by Virtues Project trainers and facilitators together with the Project originators and is designed to:


·         Clarify the steps between people who want to actively use The Virtues in their family situation, community or faith group and those who want to be recognised as Virtues Project facilitators, trainers and representatives.


·         Create consistency in program titles, content and terminology.


·         Maintain the integrity of the intellectual content and VPI vision, through skilled and supported facilitators and trainers, honoring the intellectual property of Linda Kavelin-Popov, Dan Popov and John Kavelin.


·         Guide the work people carry out under the name Virtues Project ensuring consistency, excellence and long term Project sustainability. 

Overview of Development Steps

There are three distinct levels of development and service in the Virtues Project; Introductory, Registered Facilitator, Licensed Trainer.



This describes the largest number of people associated with The Virtues Project. Many will attend both introductory programs. Typically, they have a strong personal interest and wish to promote The Virtues Project informally to contribute to the growth of character in their family, school, faith group or community.  They would call on a registered facilitator for ‘Awakening the Virtues Within’ sessions. They maintain their interest in The Virtues Project through a Virtues Connection, the global website, a newsletter and possibly by attending either the Global or South Pacific annual mentorship. People residing at this level of service, act as ‘Friends’, positively promoting the strategies and seeking to live them personally.


Registered Facilitator

Approximately 10% of the people who attend both introductory programs want to grow to this level of development.  This gives them the credentials to run the two-day ‘Awakening the Virtues Within’ or an equivalent parenting or Educators workshop.


This work may be as part of their business or from a ‘service’ and not-for-profit orientation.  Either way, by formally registering as a facilitator this begins an ongoing development program guided by a mentor (licensed trainer). The program is adapted to meet each person’s needs, situation, skills and goals.  There are no time limits and there is great flexibility to meet the needs of the facilitator. The mentoring program is mutually agreed between the facilitator and the mentor and the facilitator pays for this service directly to the mentor (licensed trainer).  The goal could include maintaining facilitator status and strengthening skills or progressing for future consideration as a licensed trainer.  This may be clear at the outset of the mentoring relationship or may emerge later as a goal. On registration, they are approved to deliver the two-day ‘Awakening in the Virtues’ program with appropriate support as defined in their development plan. They may eventually co-facilitate ‘Deepening the Virtues Within’ with a licensed trainer. 


The application form to become a registered facilitator is on the global website and once completed is sent through a sponsoring licensed trainer for approval by VPI’s management team.


Licensed Trainer        

This is the highest level of skill and service.  As with registered facilitators, appointments are made by VPI’s management team. Licensed trainers can work at several levels.


Level One: Leading the two introductory programs with a focus on providing the three day ‘Deepening in the Virtues’ program. 


Level Two: Coaching facilitators in their region/country.


Level Three: Formal mentoring and/or active contribution at regional/global level.


Level Four: Recognised international VPI representative at conferences and media spokesperson. Typically these are carried out by Linda Kavelin Popov however she may delegate some of this work as appropriate.

People interested in becoming a licensed trainer have a deep commitment to progressing the VPI vision by actively promoting the project, programs and materials. This work may be the core of their business. They exemplify living the strategies and have an ‘expert’ level of training and facilitation skills. They demonstrate a high regard for the values of VPI and the intellectual property. They provide leadership in their regions and network globally to strengthen the VPI activities ensuring the long-term success of the Virtues Project. 

The entry level is determined by the skills, resources and interest of the person and the needs of the region as determined by the VPI management team.  


The application form is on the global website and is sent to the VPI leadership team sponsored by the licensed trainer who has acted as their mentor.    


Introductory Level


Application Options

‘Awakening the Virtues Within’

2 day workshop OR

12 hour parenting program OR

2 day Educators workshop

Lead by registered facilitator

·         Personal use, sharing with family or informally with community group

·         Use in children’s education

·         Use in professional life

·         Join Virtues Connection and/or network

‘Deepening the Virtues Within’

3 day workshop

(also known as 3 day Facilitator Intensive)


Lead by licensed trainer

·         Deeper personal and community use

·         Attend Mentorship Conference; Global and/or South Pacific

·         Begin mentoring program

·         Complete Virtues Action Learning Program

·         Continue as ‘friend’ of Virtues Project OR

·         Register as a facilitator (form on VPI website)


Registered Facilitator Level


Application Options

Fieldwork contract

Yearly contract with regional body


Collaborates with regional body


Agrees to send in fieldwork report forms which reflect on facilitation of presentations and workshops


Sends in evaluations at least for an agreed time period (maybe all during first year and a sampling from future years)


·         Offer presentations/workshops in collaboration with regional Virtues Connection (who may be working with guidance from a licensed trainer or with an international coach as available) facilitating parenting, personal development, Educator or Awakening the Virtues Within workshops. This may be either in a service role (not-for- profit) or income producing. A VPI Leaders manual is required.

·         Purchase Virtues materials at discounted price e.g.: Image (Canada/US), UCA - (NZ),

·         Advertise on Local/regional website as a registered facilitator

·         A fee will be involved here with money to go to the regional Virtues Connection to help pay for the administrative work

Mentoring Contract

Guided fieldwork to grow personal application of the strategies and the facilitation skills necessary for running Awakening the Virtues Within or equivalent program.


A licensed trainer is nominated as mentor. Both parties agree upon the nature and goals of the mentoring relationship.


For a year long mentorship program to prepare for becoming a licensed trainer, see Virtues Action Learning.

·         Gain mentorship through telephone/email support or meetings

·         There will be some reimbursement to the Trainer for this service.

·         Commonly mentorship relationships take the form of working on projects together.  For instance, the mentee may do the legwork in organising workshop with the goal of co-facilitating. Financial gain may come back to the mentor while experience and references come back to the mentee. 




Facilitation Skills

2-3 day workshop for registered facilitators

·         Presenting and facilitation skills

·         Troubleshooting difficult areas

·         Promotion and business aspects

·         Deeper understanding of how to transfer learning

·         Capacity to manage more challenging and interactive groups

·         Grow capacity to work with flexibility when leading groups – facilitate rather than directive teaching

·         Managing the workshop as part of your business

·         Promote Virtues Project effectively

·         Lead complex workshops 

Virtues Action Learning - Yearlong program. VPI certificate of completion


Develop mastery in applying Virtues strategies day to day and in workshops.

Includes professional development commitments with other facilitators, deeper practice in companioning, goal setting, working with mentors, experimenting and written reflection.


Can be described as doing a diploma course in living by the virtues. 


In NZ this includes a 3-day retreat.

·         Higher level of networking with peers

·         Program design – using VPI program design boundaries and applying

·         Carry out project work assigned by VPI including referral opportunities as appropriate to skills.

·         Preparation for applying to become a Licensed Trainer


Mentorship conferences

·         Lead sessions at annual mentorship

·         Preparation for applying to become a Licensed Trainer


Licensed Trainer Prerequisites

·         Completed both Introductory programs

·         Registered facilitator

·         Relevant field work overseen by licensed trainer

·         Virtues Action Learning

Led session(s) at Annual Mentorship


Licensed Trainer Level


Application Options

Licensed Trainer


Level One: Leading the two introductory programs with a focus on providing the three-day ‘Deepening in the Virtues’.


Level Two: Coaching facilitators in their region/country.


Level Three: Formal mentoring and/or active contribution at regional/global level.


Level Four: Recognised international VPI representative at conferences and media spokesperson. Typically these are carried out by Linda Kavelin Popov however she may delegate some of this work as appropriate.


Whatever the entry level, a licensed trainer is globally recognised and promoted.  They are expected to participate in the regional and global networks as part of their personal development and to keep up to date with VPI activities.

·         Facilitate Virtues workshops including ‘Awakening the Virtues Within’, ‘Deepening the Virtues Within’ and Facilitator Skills Training.

·         Mentor/coach registered facilitators and upcoming facilitators using both business and service arrangements

·         Act as a VPI representative in their region

·         Virtues spokesperson at conferences

·         Potentially will have the Licensed Trainer role as part of their business.



·         Exemplifies living the strategies.

·         Balances business and service with integrity.

·         Works with VPI and local Virtues networks to foster the growth of Virtues.

·         Demonstrates a high regard for the values of VPI including the intellectual property.

·         Has an expert level of training and facilitation skills as measured in the education/training/counselling sectors.

·         Contributes to the leadership decisions of VPI with courage, idealism, creativity and integrity.

·         Networks globally to strengthen the VPI activities ensuring the long-term success of the Virtues Project.