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Ellen and Sheldon Ramer

Ellen & Sheldon Ramer

Christchurch, New Zealand


Ellen & Sheldon Ramer have been facilitating Virtues Project Workshops since 1996, when they trained under Linda & Dan Popov at the first facilitator training in the South Island of New Zealand.  Sheldon is a counsellor and psychotherapist as well as a health educator.  Ellen has worked with community and personal growth groups for the past 30 years, and helped to establish a Virtues Project Charitable Trust in the Canterbury area of the South Island.  They have a passion for exploring with others the potential for positive change inherent in working with virtues.

While parents, teachers and school staff programs are a real focus, they have enjoyed applying the Virtues Project strategies to a wide range of special interest groups such as

  • work readiness programs for the NZ government
  • Maori health workers
  • team building for a District Council
  • adventure instructors at Outward Bound
  • advanced students at a 2-year Nanny School
  • youth dialogues, and
  • couples retreats -- a real favourite!

Here are the comments from the three couples attending the most recent retreat entitled "Spiritual Companions"...

" guys are amazing people. The weekend was just awesome! It has given us new focus and a new meaning to the virtue of 'Thankfulness'!"

"Thank you very much for the fantastic weekend.  We feel refreshed and motivated and on top of the world."

"Thank you so much for a wonderful weekend! It was a real pleasure to spend time in such fine company..."